Jobs and shifts

You can create any number of jobs with different shifts, each shift has a start and end time, a maximal number of helpers and optionally a name. Each job can have its own administrators that can view and manage the helpers of this job, but not of other jobs.

Internal registrations

A job can be visible publicly or only internal. You can generate links to access the internal jobs, e.g. app.helfertool.org/demo/l/331b56d2-9582-4248-8254-bc413395504e/.

PDF and Excel export

Export the complete data as Excel file or all important data directly as PDF. An export can contain all jobs of the event or only a single job.


Send e-mails to helpers or coordinators of different jobs and shifts, or simply to all registered persons. A history of all sent e-mails is saved.

Collect T-shirt sizes

Optionally ask for T-shirt size during registration.


Badges may be used for access control or to affirm certain priviledges during an event. They can be created with the tool using a LaTeX template. It is possible to print barcodes on the badges, then the tool remembers all scanned barcodes and does not export the same badge multiple times.


Manage gifts for volunteers: they may receive a gift for each done shift, the organisers can note if a volunteer got the gift for each single shift.


Helpers may receive some items like flashlights during their shift, manage the loan using barcodes on the badges and items.

Certificates for food handling

In Germany it is necessary that every person that has contact with food on an event has a certificate issued by a doctor or public authorities. If necessary the helper is asked if he has this certificate, if it has to be renewed or if he never had this certificate.